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Origin of the name

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The origin of this name has given rise to different interpretations.

De Pontaumont, in his “History of our Town”, says that the name Carentan comes from Celtic and the coalesced words “Carent-an”, meaning “Farm between the rivers”.

Monsieur Lehéricher, a member of the Avranches Archaeological Society, offers an explanation which seems more satisfying.  According to him, Carentan comes from two Celtic words, Ker meaning “settlement” and Dun meaning “high ground”.  This gives “settlement on the high ground” and “settlement of the dwellers on the high ground”, because the inhabitants of Crociatonum (Saint-Côme-du-Mont), driven out by the barbarians, went down into the valley to form “Ker Dun” which in the course of time has become Kérenten, Karenten then Carenten and finally Carentan.

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